The Ingenium 2016 Blog - Day 4, Week 1

24 July 2016


Thursday was conducting day! Loads of students from all our programmes took to the podium and led our orchestra in some rousing Mozart.



The morning began with a spectacular warm-up routine led by our choir director Robbie Jacobs, which really woke us up and prepared us for the day. During morning sessions our conducting students joined the orchestra, each interpreting a movement from Dvorak's Czech Suite. This was a wonderful opportunity for them to put into practice what they had been preparing with Tim Redmond, and to receive feedback from the orchestra - all of it constructive and insightful. Meanwhile our saxophones, choir and pianists continued with lessons and rehearsals, preparing for Friday's performance.



After lunch the tables were turned, and it was the turn of students from all courses at Ingenium to bravely take up the baton with the choir and orchestra, under the tutelage of Robbie Jacobs and Matthew Taylor.



Thursday evening was one of the highlights of the Ingenium week, our internal performance platform. This is an opportunity for students to share what they have been working on, and also to showcase any solo projects or collaborations that they have put together during their time here. We enjoyed some stunning performances from students across all our courses, ranging from a thrilling viola concerto to a touching rendition of 'Someone Like You' by Adele. It was really wonderful to see what people had come up with, and to see all the students being so supportive of one another in their performance.



Musicians of the day



Victor for his conducting of the orchestra, and Oli for asking lots of very good questions.



Milos, for real development during his lesson with Richard Sisson.



India and Annika for being amazing top sops, making a super sound, and demonstrating effort and energy all week.



The horn section, for epic playing and major improvement all week.



Jason for having an extremely positive attitude, being diligent, putting energy into everything and always being a friendly and positive person.