Music and your career: 5 ways studying music can set you up for life

11th October 2016 

Love music but aren't sure about pursuing a career as a professional musician? Don't worry... here are five reasons why studying music at a higher level can help equip you for any career.


Although lots of people who study music at a higher level do pursue a professional career in music, a large proportion of musicians move into other diverse and equally fulfilling areas of work. Music graduates can also be found everywhere from the creative industries to finance, law and medicine. Music qualifications and experience are evidence of intelligence and creativity. Here are some reasons why a music education equips you for your future, wherever it make may take you.


1. Musicians are flexible and adaptable



Every performer knows the feeling of 'that awkward moment' - when your string breaks on stage, when your voice cracks on that high note, when your sheet music is blown away by a gust of wind... Performers need confidence, and the ability to think on their feet while keeping a cool head - these are valuable skills in any workplace or profession.


2. Musicians make great team players



What better example is there of the perfect team than an orchestra or choir? Business strategists use the analogy all the time! Everyone has their role, and only by listening to each other and working together can an ensemble make good music. Musicians know how to be supportive, respectful and cooperative, when to perform at the forefront and when to step back.


3. Musicians work hard and have good self-discipline



Practice makes perfect! Every musician learns from an early age that if you want to succeed, you have to work hard. Studying music at a higher level requires genuine dedication, and the self-discipline and motivation to practice. Musicians carry that perseverence and "can-do" attitude with them in all future challenges, musical or otherwise.


4. We're creative! Musicians are problem-solvers



Taking a piece of music from the first sight-read to the polished performance is a complicated process. Aside from learning the notes, there are creative decisions to be made about tempo, dynamics, bowing and breathing technique, phrasing... the list goes on. Musicians look at a piece of music from every possible angle, and sometimes the secret to mastering a tricky passage isn't the first or most obvious answer. We learn how to think outside the box, and how to draw on our existing knowledge and experience to overcome obstacles.


5. Musicians are motivated and passionate



Very few people study music because they want to become rich and powerful, or because it is easy and relaxing! Musicians work incredibly hard to achieve their goals, and most often they are motivated purely by a love of what they do. Musicians develop a positive attitude and work ethic, and are prepared to give everything and meet every non-musical challenge head-on with energy and enthusiasm.


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