5 ways to get the most out of your summer at the Ingenium Academy

10 March 2017

A residential summer course is a great place to develop your skills as a musician, and to grow and develop as a person. Here are 5 ways to really make the most of all the opportunities we offer...



1. Challenge yourself


Each day at Ingenium brings a new opportunity. Whether it’s trying a new technique in a one-to-one lesson, taking part in a beatboxing or improvisation workshop, performing a solo or learning about a new genre of music - there are plenty of chances to challenge yourself and try something new.


Our music staff, pastoral staff and all our young musicians are there to get the most out of such a creative, supportive and stimulating musical environment. So go on – challenge yourself! You’ll be amazed what you can achieve.


2. Talk to everyone


The Ingenium Academy is an international school, which means that our students are from all over the world – last year we had students from over 50 countries! It’s a unique opportunity to meet people from countries that might be completely different to yours, to share what you have in common and learn about the world.


Our pastoral staff organize a packed schedule of fun evening activities and games, which offer the perfect opportunity to get to know your fellow students. And if you ever feel a bit homesick, don’t worry – our pastoral team are here for that too. At the end of the course you’ll return home belonging to an international family of young musicians, with broader horizons and the confidence to make friends anywhere you go.


3. Boost your teamwork skills


As musicians, we all know that being part of an ensemble – be it a choir, orchestra, chamber group or even performing as a duet – requires teamwork. Rehearsing and performing together requires each individual to respect and listen to the contributions of the others, and helps you to learn when to lead and when to follow.


These are essential skills in any walk of life, and spending three intensive weeks making music with other young musicians will give you the experience to approach new teamwork situations with confidence. Plus, you can put these skills into practice in the evenings by taking part in team-building activities and games led by our pastoral staff.


4. Perform!


Walking on-stage and playing or singing that very first note can be intimidating. All musicians, even those at the very top, feel stage fright sometimes. The best way to get over those nerves is to practice performing – and ideally to practice in front of a supportive audience, who will cheer you on and offer you helpful feedback!


There are plenty of opportunities to perform at Ingenium, whether it’s at our weekly internal performance platforms and public concerts, or at less formal occasions like a talent show or cabaret night. Every performance will help to build your confidence on stage, and in general.


5. Make real progress


There’s nothing like making real, noticeable progress to inspire self-confidence. Spending three weeks making music every day means that you can really focus on improving as a musician, and by immersing yourself in such a creative environment you may be surprised by how much progress you can make. Every year we hear from our students, their parents and teachers, telling us how delighted they are with the level of improvement in their playing, singing and musicianship.




How will YOU make the most of your time at the Ingenium Academy this summer?

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Saxophone students with Dom Childs


Image"From the very first day, I learned that in a brand new situation, everyone feels like a fish out of water, so you just have to jump in. It made me into someone who is an extremely outgoing person in new situations"

- Shannon, Vocal Student, 18, USA


Image"The best thing for us is that Simon has made new friends from many types of backgrounds and countries and built up his self-confidence and independence."

- Kate, parent, USA


Image"I learnt a lot about how to play viola better, about classical music and about how to be a good musician. And I also learnt a lot from other cultures and other countries! I learnt a lot of things that I didn't know before, and for me it felt like a huge progress"

- Marina, Viola Student, 16, Canary Islands

Talent Show at the Ingenium Academy


Evening activities - basketball in Winchester College sports hall

Cello and viola students in a chamber music workshop