Orchestral rehearsal at The Ingenium Academy


Welcome To Our International Summer Music Camp

Welcome to the Ingenium Academy International Summer School for Music. We offer young musicians a unique opportunity: a specialised musical education of the highest calibre combined with an immersive cultural experience.


We invite young people from all over the world to come together and deepen their musical talent in a safe, creative and stimulating environment. We also encourage our students to develop as young professionals and as individuals, improving their confidence, performance, language and social skills.


Every member of our small, dedicated team is passionate about music education. From the fantastic teachers and conductors through to the pastoral and administrative staff, we have all been immeasurably enriched by our love of music. We aim to inspire this passion in our students, as well as providing them with a lasting sense of their achievements and skills that will prepare them for any future path.


The Ingenium Academy creates an environment where trust, friendship, self-discipline and fun flourish in equal measure. Through living, rehearsing and performing together, both exceptional music and life-long friendships are made.


We look forward to meeting our summer 2019 students and welcoming you to Winchester for an unforgettable and invaluable experience.


Rebecca Nathan
Founder & Director, The Ingenium Academy



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Students of Ingenium Academy Music Summer Camp

Cello tuition at The Ingenium Academy Music Summer Course