Saxophone Auditions


We are looking for talented and dedicated young saxophonists who are looking to develop their musical skills through our varied programme of masterclasses, workshops and ensemble playing. All candidates must possess a high standard of intonation and rhythmic sense as well as excellent instrumental technique.

Dom Childs teaching at the Ingenium Academy Summer School for Music Saxophone Course


Preparing your audition


We ask all saxophone applicants to upload a short video showcasing their musical talent along with their application form. We stress that this is not a scary audition, just a short showcase of how good you are.


What to play:


  • A minimum of 2 contrasting pieces, or excerpts from longer pieces
  • 1 piece of technical work ie. a scale or study appropriate to your current level

Points we will consider when reviewing your video:

Instrumental technique, rhythmic capability, interpretation, expression and understanding, personality and passion for music making.


All videos should be accompanied by an email / letter from the candidate's teacher or school counselor confirming that they approve of the candidate applying and that their video is a true and accurate record of the candidate's playing.

Things to note


Audition videos will be reviewed by our faculty and places will be awarded on merit / standard of playing. It doesn't matter what style you are working in, whether you are focussing on jazz or classical we want to see a high standard of musicianship, as well as a great sense of team spirit and a love of music making.

When recording your video, please note the following:


  • Videos should be no more than 10 minutes long and no less than 5 minutes
  • At least one piece on the video should be unaccompanied. There is no requirement to send in footage with accompaniment if the candidate wishes not to do so.
  • Videos should not be from a concert/public performance
  • Videos should not be edited. Recordings should be a true reflection of the candidate's playing.



Ingenium Student improvising on soprano saxophone during a jazz workshop

We accept applications on a rolling basis and so recommend that you apply as soon as possible to have the best chance of being awarded a place.




"I will definitely go back to school with a huge amount of new experience that will be precious both to me and my peers ... I'm very proud and aware of the incredible progress I made!"


Giona, Saxophone student, Italy



"The course was professional and intense, yet friendly and encouraging. It focussed on variety and personal development for each student. I think the course did an extraordinary job of covering every aspect of Saxophone playing and practice. Incredibly developing and fun."


Jonas, Saxophone student, Norway



"Thank you for the most beautiful two weeks of my life in Winchester. My mind is still in Winchester, waiting for registrations and school meetings."


Katarina, Saxophone student, Croatia