Video: Join us at the Ingenium Academy 2016

23rd March 2016

Happy Easter! We're excited to share with you our new Ingenium 2016 promotional video. Watch out for some familiar faces, and see what you can look forward to at Ingenium this summer.



Watch our brand new video above, featuring some of our favourite moments from last year's course. From concerts and workshops to activities and excursions, catch a glimpse of life at Ingenium and what's in store for our students this July and August.


About the Ingenium Academy

Spend three weeks making music with new international friends, living and learning together in historic Winchester College. Enjoy the very best musical education from leading figures in the world of classical music while having the summer of a lifetime.


Choose from our Orchestral, Vocal, Piano and Saxophone programmes.


We're listening to...



Terry Riley - 'in C'


Riley's 'in C' was composed in 1964. It is a mesmerising collage of 53 slowly evolving melodic fragments. The performers determine the course of the music by deciding individually when to move on to the next fragment, meaning that no two performances are ever quite the same. 'in C' has no set duration and can be performed by almost any number of musicians.


About the composer

One of the composers credited with sparking the 'minimalist' movement in music alongside Steve Reich, Terry Riley is an American composer born in 1935. His work is deeply influenced by both jazz and Indian classical music, and has featured tape samples of these genres. Riley's aleatoric music, or 'chance music', has become very influential in today's musical landscape - in fact, some members of our saxophone programme even composed their own aleatoric piece to perform at our London concert in 2015.