In Their Own Words - Our Students and Parents

2nd November 2016 

Don't just take our word for it - hear straight from our students and their parents in this collection of testimonials from Ingenium 2016.


We love hearing from our students and their families about what they gained from their experience at Ingenium. We're delighted to be able to share their words with you. What does a summer at Ingenium bring to our students musically, socially and culturally and which experiences will stay with them for life? Find out what you can expect from a summer in Winchester...

Image"I think the number one thing that makes Ingenium what it is, is that it welcomes students from all over the world. It's such a cool experience to be in a six person bedroom and have each person come from a different side of the world."
Michelle, clarinet student, 15, Canada

Image"It's great that Simon is coming back a better clarinet player with new additions to his repertoire, but the best thing for us is that he's made new friends from many types of backgrounds and countries and built up his self-confidence and independence."
Kate, parent, USA

Image"I think that the teaching at Ingenium is of a very high level. The violin teachers were not only excellent players but were very relatable and made classes something I looked forward to. The conductors were an absolute pleasure to work with because they pushed us to be the best musicians we could be while making orchestra exciting."
Sydnae, violin student, 15, Jamaica

Image"Great teachers, wonderful pastoral care, dedicated students, beautiful environment. My son can't wait to return!"
Martha, parent, Switzerland / Canada

Image"Thank you for the most beautiful two weeks of my life. My mind is still in Winchester, waiting for registrations and school meetings."
Katarina, saxophone student, 18, Croatia

Image"We were taken aback by the high standard of the music performed, the obvious enjoyment the students had in performing and the enormous support the students gave each other with every performance. We look forward to being able to repeat the experience."
Judy, parent, UK

Image"You come to connect with so many different people in such a deep, life-changing way. It is amazing how understood I've felt there just because everyone else there loved music as much as I did."
Isabel, vocal student, 16, Spain

Image"I am so happy my daughter has the opportunity to participate in such multicultural adventure like yours. BRAVI! BRAVI! BRAVI!!"
Maria, parent, Italy

Image"The quality of the piano teaching was exceptional and the best I've ever received. Richard, Hiro and Cliodna were very rigorous and enthusiastic in their approach, meaning I appreciated the music in a greater sense of detail than ever before. At the same time, they were really nice people who ensured the lessons were fun and interactive; I really enjoyed them."
Luis, piano student, 17, UK

Image"Priceless! Both of our kids have grown exponentially from their experience at Ingenium, from understanding other cultures, making close friends across the globe, being stretched musically and finding new ways to approach their music-making it's all very positive.”
Sasha and Richard, parents, Canada

Image"Everything from the tutors and pastoral staff to the people I met there was an incredible experience. Thanks to the lessons I received I have identified many flaws in my playing and I am working on them every day, making my instrument far easier."
Marco, trumpet student, 17, UK 






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