Where are they now? Matt Head talks life after Ingenium

10th March 2016

Former Ingenium French Horn student and Pastoral Staff member Matthew Header


Matt attended the Ingenium Academy in 2012 as a French Horn student. Since then he has gained a place at the Royal Northern College of Music in Manchester, and returned to become a core member of our Pastoral Staff team in 2015. Here he tells us about pursuing a career in music, and what inspired him to come back to Ingenium.


Tell us about what you're doing at the moment

I am currently in my fourth and final year of undergraduate studies at the Royal Northern College of Music. In September 2016 I will start my postgraduate studies on the ‘Orchestral Artistry’ course at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama. Once I leave education I hope to become a professional orchestral musician.

What are your memories of being an Ingenium student?

I have so many fond memories of Ingenium 2012. It is hard to pick certain ones out but highlights include meeting amazing people (staff and students), the concerts, watching Shrek the Musical, showing the Spanish how to play football(!), games nights, the incredible food…the list is endless!


I have always found the interaction with international musicians fascinating. There can be many different nationalities and different languages spoken but once you sit everyone down in an orchestra, the common language that everyone is able to understand is music. Through my time at the Ingenium Academy, I can say that if I am ever travelling abroad, there is likely to be an Ingenium student nearby!


Why did you apply to study music at a conservatoire?

The main reason I applied to music college is that it is the ideal stepping stone into becoming a professional musician. I applied and auditioned at five UK conservatoires, (RNCM, Guildhall, Birmingham, Trinity and Welsh) and was offered places and scholarships at all of them except Guildhall. The cost of auditioning at so many conservatoires is expensive but once you have travelled to all the open days, audition days and offer days, you are able to imagine yourself studying in each college which is invaluable.


Is studying music at a conservatoire how you imagined it?

I am not sure what I imagined before starting at the RNCM. I quickly settled in and got into the routine. Lots of what I learned at Ingenium had prepared me well for starting at music college, and any nerves I had prior to starting were soon gone. As a conservatoire student you have to be very independent, managing your own diary to make sure you attend all of your rehearsals and lessons. You also have to stay motivated and keep up your personal practice, to make sure you keep progressing with your teacher. The social aspect is great, and there are so many opportunities to gain experience if you are proactive and take initiative. To make the most of it you have to stay busy and keep on top of things!


Why did you decide to return to Ingenium as staff?

Ingenium pastoral staff on a trip to BournemouthI jumped at the opportunity to come back to be a Pastoral Team member. The thought of coming back to work with the Ingenium Academy appealed greatly to me and I was very excited when I was accepted! The whole experience was extremely rewarding and once again, I made some great memories and friends. To be part of the Ingenium Academy again and to play a part in the memories made by the inspirational students of 2015 was an extreme privilege.


Are you still in contact with any of your Ingenium friends?

I am still in contact with many of my friends from Ingenium 2012! It is often hard as everyone is very busy doing what they do but we have a Facebook group where we can communicate which is great.


Thanks Matt! We love hearing how our students are getting on, so please let us know by email at info@ingeniumacademy.com.


"There can be many different nationalities and different languages spoken but once you sit everyone down in an orchestra, the common language that everyone is able to understand is music."

Ingenium Alumnus Matt Head with the Mahler Chamber Orchestra Academy


Matt performed with the Mahler Chamber Orchestra Academy in Germany, February 2016

Ingenium Academy French Horn student Matt Head at Ingenium 2012


Matt at Ingenium 2012, when he attended the Academy as a French Horn student