The Experience of a Lifetime


We pride ourselves on being not only an outstanding music school with top class tuition, but also a fun and culturally diverse experience for young people from all over the world.


The Ingenium Academy day trip including London (Tower Bridge, Tower of London, Houses of Parliament, Buckingham Palace) and the south coast



Culture and Activities


In addition to the enriching musical curriculum, students enjoy discovering Britain in the glorious and historical city of Winchester, and on day trips including to the English coast, Oxford, and nearby London.


Winchester is England's ancient capital and a treasure trove of English heritage, tradition and culture - the town centre is packed with historic buildings and monuments, a magnificent cathedral and plenty of shops and cafes. In London, students explore famous sights such as the Houses of Parliament, Buckingham Palace and the Tower of London as well as enjoying West End theatre


Back on campus, a full programme of evening activities include movie nights, team games, talent shows and barbeques, organised by our dedicated pastoral team.



Winchester Cathedral and Trafalgar Square, London



Family, Quality and Growth

Every student at the Ingenium Academy goes home having developed their musical technique, as well as having advanced personally and socially through gaining a rich cultural understanding.


Image“Meeting students from the whole world is definitely an experience I would not trade away for anything, and making friends from the US to Dubai to Australia is something you can do hardly anywhere else.”

- Alexander, French Horn student, Denmark


A summer at the Ingenium Academy will not only enhance each student's musical talent, but will develop their confidence, character and social skills. Through supporting each other and pushing boundaries in their performance, students gain confidence in themselves and their abilities - confidence which stays with them long after they have left us.


Roberta, Ingenium singineg student"I felt like a part of one big family. Everyone encouraged each other to step out of their comfort zone and do something great. It was an atmosphere that I will never forget."

- Roberta, Vocal student, Germany


International Music Making


We provide a rare and unique opportunity for talented young musicians to meet, mix and share the joy and excitement that they receive from music making with others from all over the world.



The Ingenium Academy has welcomed young musicians from over 70 countries


Every year we welcome young musicians from countries including including Bulgaria, China, Colombia, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, France, Germany, Iceland, Indonesia, India, Japan, Mongolia, Spain, Sweden, Turkey, Russia, the UAE, UK and the USA. As a result, our students spend their summer immersed not just in quality music making, but also in a truly diverse cultural environment.


"I loved every single moment" - Alessandra, Bassoon student, summer camp



Broadening horizons


No matter which of our programmes you attend, the Ingenium Academy is a rich and varied musical and educational experience. Our aim is to help our students grow as musicians and as individuals, deepening their understanding through a wide range of musical opportunities.


Read more about music at the Ingenium Academy...



Image"It was beyond expectations. Nicole really loved it, the music, the trips, and she also made wonderful friends. Nicole loved this residency so much she would like to repeat it again next year."

- Luisa and Raul, Parents, UK and Portugal



Music making in historic surroundings




Students live and rehearse in the beautiful campus of Winchester College. Founded in the fourteenth century, this is one of the UK's top private boarding schools and has excellent facilities. Read more...


Safety and Happiness


The Ingenium Academy Pastoral Staff


Our first priority is to ensure that all of our students are safe and happy within their learning environment. As well as our highly qualified specialist music staff, we also have a dedicated pastoral team whose main concern is the safety and well-being of our students. Read more...

Winchester College Music School in Summer

"The fact that my daughter was able to meet and share such a unique experience with young people from all over the world has been extremely positive for her education."

- Alice, parent, Italy

Ingenium activities

Coach journey for a day out in London