What our parents say

24 May 2017

Read this collection of testimonials from our parents, and see what they thought about the Ingenium Academy 2016...


We love hearing from the families of our students, about their visit to us and what their children gained from their experience. What could a summer at Ingenium bring to your child musically, socially and culturally - and which experiences will stay with them for life?

Jennifer, student on the piano programme at the Ingenium Academy, England"Thank you to every single one of you. You have made this summer very special, Jennifer has learned a lot and matured musically and personally. We are so grateful for your work and commitment. It was a pleasure to see so many nationalities come together and play in such a great harmony at such a young age. The concerts were fantastic. Keep up the great work!"
Adriana and Frank, parents, Switzerland

Image"I think it's awesome the relationship she has now with teenagers from other countries, and talking about music, it was an enriching experience"
Aída, parent, Canary Islands

Student on the oboe summer programme, England, UK"Priceless :) Both of our kids have grown exponentially from their experience at Ingenium, from understanding other cultures, making close friends across the globe, being stretched musically and finding new ways to approach their music-making it's all very positive."
Sasha and Richard, parents, Canada

Image"I am so happy my daughter has the opportunity to participate in such multicultural adventure like yours. BRAVI! BRAVI! BRAVI!!"
Maria, parent, Italy

Image"We were very impressed with the organisational aspect of the academy, the enthusiasm of the pastoral team and staff and the level of musicianship. It was valuable to meet other young people who were as interested in music as Gavin is and meeting people from different nationalities, cultures and backgrounds."
Aidan and Carron, parents, Ireland

Image"Musically, our child has caught a glimpse of what playing in a professional orchestra may be. She's learned to take on challenges musically and technically, and learned so much from professionals not familiar with her background who provided her with honest assessment and guidance. She's also heard a wide range of playing ability and learned to appreciate the strengths of different players. Socially, she has come out of her shell and built a lot of valuable friendships beyond geographical, political and cultural boundaries. Ingenium has been the best experience for our child yet."
Chien and Mandarin, parents, Arizona USA

Image"Luca came back home yesterday with tons of stories he had to share with us. An important experience abroad was added to the young man’s life. He improved his piano playing, learned new skills from his teachers, and he made new friends. 'Next year the full 3 weeks please' was among the first feedback he gave me. Sincere thanks to your entire team, on behalf of all of us!"
Freek, parent, Italy / Netherlands

Image"Exhilarating. The kids were so turned on to what they were doing, so impressed with the energy. Passion about music, friendship, support and understanding, in a historical and beautiful surrounding. What more could one want?"
Martha, parent, Switzerland / Canada

Image"We so enjoyed your concert last Friday afternoon - the room was vibrant with enthusiastic, motivated and very talented young people, who also appeared to be having a wonderful time. Fantastic to see how supportive they are of each other - just a wonderful experience to be there - thank you!"
Judy, parent, UK 

Image"Martina arrived home yesterday with loads of great memories. She said it was surely among the best experiences of her life."

Daniele, parent, Italy

Image"Romain came home very enthusiastic of his music course and I think it has been such a great human experience for him to meet people from all over the world. Congratulations to you and all the team for your professionalism and kindness."
Rita, parent, France







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