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9 June 2017

Read this collection of testimonials from our students, and see what they thought about the Ingenium Academy 2016...


We love hearing from our students about their time with us, and what they gained from their experience. New music, new friends... what could a summer at the Ingenium Academy mean for you?

Image"I learnt so much at the Ingenium Academy ... opportunities like these are not available in Jamaica. I think the best thing about Ingenium is the international community, I love that I can meet people from all over the world and have friends for life. I will use the skills I learnt at the Ingenium Academy to not only become a better musician but also a better human."
Sydnae, 15, Violin, Jamaica

Image"I absolutely loved this course. My playing has improved and I have made tons of new friends from the course. I really enjoyed playing in the orchestra and the conducting experience - I can't wait to go next year and learn more."
Jeanette, 14, Viola, UK

Image"The quality of the piano teaching was exceptional and the best I've ever received. Richard, Hiro and Cliodna were very rigorous and enthusiastic in their approach, meaning I appreciated the music in a greater sense of detail than ever before. At the same time, they were really nice people who ensured the lessons were fun and interactive; I really enjoyed them."
Luis, 17, Piano, UK

Image"I learned extended saxophone techniques that I'd never been able to do before or else hadn't heard of before, and I feel that my personal skills developed greatly during my week there. I had to open myself up to new things that I'd never done before and socialise with people that I didn't even know existed. I had such a great time at Ingenium, I feel I improved as a player and the pastoral staff are all so kind and caring about us all. I came out with a lot of friends who I'm definitely going to keep in touch with."
Gavin, 17, Saxophone, Ireland

Image"The teachers honestly were amazing and motivated me to do more/it felt like an eye-opener. I also made so many friends at Ingenium so social events such as the performance evening reinforced friendships. Practicing all the time was amazing - I've never had this sort of opportunity to play music so much so I felt so happy within this environment."
Martina, 17, Voice, Netherlands

Image"Ingenium motivates me every year to learn more music. Now I know specific things that I discovered I want to improve and I'll tell my teachers as soon as I start my lessons.."
Isabel, 16, Soprano, Spain

Image"The teaching is really great, I learnt so much in two weeks. Everybody is nice yet demanding. It makes me feel like succeding in playing the pieces. The atmosphere is amazing."
Romane, 16, Viola, France

Image"My experience at Ingenium was very enjoyable and helpful to my playing. Everything from the tutors and pastoral staff to the people I met whilst there was an incredible experience."
Marco, 17, Trumpet, UK

Image"Thank you for the most beautiful two weeks of my life in Winchester. My mind is still in Winchester, waiting for registrations and school meetings."
Katarina, 18, Saxophone, Croatia

Image"I think the number one thing that makes ingenium what it is, is that it welcomes students from all over the world and it's such a cool experience to be in a six person bedroom and have each person come from a different side of the world."
Michelle, 15, Clarinet, Canada

Image"I learnt a lot about how to play viola better, about classical music and about how to be a good musician. And I also learnt a lot from other cultures and other countries! I learnt a lot of things that I didn't know before, and for me it felt like a huge progress."
Marina, 16, Viola, Canary Islands

Image"It's very easy to make friends at the Ingenium Academy! Everyone is so welcome and it's close to impossible to go home without making at least one friend :)"
Amy, 16, Viola, Norway








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