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30 January 2019

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We love hearing from our students about their time with us, and what they gained from the experience. The following is a collection of messages from students who attended our 2018 summer school...

Enrico, student on the piano course 2018"I discovered new approaches to the piano and music making that gave me a deeper understanding of music.

The pieces I worked at really improved. The most important lesson I learned was how to look at the score in a deeper way and how to practice in a useful way, focusing on everything and not seeing practice as boring and mechanical. I discovered new repertoire by talking with the teachers and listening to others' lessons and performances.

Everybody was really positive, inspiring and open if we wanted to talk about anything. Ingenium is the perfect place to learn more about everything in one's life: from music making, to friendship, to language…"

- Enrico, Piano student, 16, Italy

Olivia, flute student at the 2018 summer school"The teaching at Ingenium is amazing, we are encouraged to think in new ways, try new things. I definitely would return! I think my sightreading would improve, and my confidence, and ensemble skills. I already use what I have learnt everyday, being confident and trying new things."

- Olivia, Flute student, 14, Australia

Louis, conducting student from the UK"Ingenium is more than a summer camp - it’s a community, where lasting friendships are made with people from all over the world - definitely an enriching and culturally eye-opening experience"

- Louis, Conducting student, 14, UK

Céline, violin summer course student"The best thing about Ingenium for me was making music in an international orchestra and working together with awesome conductors. I met wonderful people there and would love to see them again.

The atmosphere was very open and friendly, every pastoral staff member was so open, friendly and cooperative. Thank you!"

- Céline, Violin student, 17, Austria/Japan

Image"My conductor was so passionate about teaching music. He made me love singing even more!

My favorite moments at the Ingenium Academy were the lessons because the level was amazing. In an hour, I learnt more than in 5 years! I applied all the techniques that I learnt and realized I had made massive progress at the end of the week. I will use the techniques I've been taught every time I sing.

My favourite thing about Ingenium is the fact that everybody comes from all over the world to create a family. I would love to come back to gain more experience, I just loved everything about it."

- Mae, Vocal student, 15, France

Pierre-Jean, saxophone student, France"I would like to come back as often as I can. I think that Ingenium is an inexhaustible experience, because it's almost like being a professional musician. Never before have I felt that I was in the right place quite like this summer. The teaching was rewarding and enjoyable, and my sound improved a lot in many ways. Dom was friendly and professional, he listened and helped me to progress."

- Pierre-Jean, Saxophone student, 16, France

JeongIn, Composition course"It was such a great honour for me to play my piece in public with such wonderful fellow musicians, and it was so great to listen to my music played - it was so different from what I heard from Sibelius! The experience was fantastic - I learned how to start, progress, and finish my music, and other friends gave me lots of feedback that helped me a lot.

I think my writing style has changed enormously. I only liked writing music with main chords in consonance, but at Ingenium, I learned how to express my music daringly in dissonance. It was a challenge, but it helped me to think in a more creative way."

- JeongIn, Composition student, 17, South Korea

Justin, conducting student 2018"Global, memorable, incredible.

The teaching, for students of our age, is unparalleled. The expertise of the tutors and coaches is amazing. I have learned a great deal about music history and instrument history, about gestures, and so much more about how to be a better musician and conductor.

The programme is amazing in that we can meet so many people from around the world, have opportunities to perform and learn many many different things!"

- Justin, Conducting student, 18, USA

Image"Rich, fun and interesting! The teaching was of a very high level. The technique classes and the masterclass with Leon McCawley in particular were really useful."

- Matteo, Piano student, 15, Italy

Polina, chamber musician on our Chamber Music summer course"It goes without saying that I'm improved as a chamber musician. I learned to be open, honest, helpful and friendly with everyone you play with. I've learned how to think and debate about the music you are playing, about the character, story and mood of the music."

- Polina, Chamber Music student, 15, Latvia

India, composition student"It was really fun, interactive and I’ve definitely learnt a lot. The best part was having something I’d been working on that week being played by friends, at the Holywell Music Room in Oxford.

Working with the instrumentalists was useful - it was a great experience learning to take charge of your music and to portray what you really wanted to the musicians.

I've learned how to create new melodies without struggling, the effect of dynamics and articulation and how important they are, working to a deadline and working with your musicians. The workshop with Errollyn Wallen was very useful. I learnt it’s good to explore with your music and nobody’s journey is the same."

- India, Composition student, 16, UK/Ghana

Kristina, violinist from Germany on our Chamber Music course"I liked the way the chamber program was planned. It was challenging to learn so much in such little time but it kept me motivated, and the small group meant that we were focussed all week."

- Kristina, Chamber Music student, 18, Germany

Katie, conducting programme student last summer"I learned more in two weeks than I have ever experienced at a music camp. I loved the that we were able to work with an accompanist on the pieces we were studying and get real feedback from professional musicians.

This course made me reevaluate what it means to be a musician. My eyes were opened to all the amazing things the music world has to offer."

- Katie, Conducting student, 17, USA

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