Ingenium 2016: Where our students from?

18th May 2016

With Ingenium 2016 less than 10 weeks away, we're really excited by how many countries are already represented among our students this summer. Could yours be next on the map?

Last year we welcomed over 120 students from 37 different countries, and this year we are already even more international with 40 countries represented, and new ones every day.




This summer we are really excited that we will be joined by young musicians from countries as diverse as Tanzania, Jamaica, Russia, New Zealand and the Philippines, as well as students from all across Europe, the USA and South America.


The Ingenium Academy is open to everyone from all over the world, meaning that our students spend three weeks immersed not simply in music making but also in a truly diverse cultural environment. 


"Being with people of different customs helps you to open your mind"

- Sofia, Violin student 2016, Spain


To find out more about the Academy, visit our Programmes pages, or check out some Testimonials from former students and parents.


"There can be many different nationalities and different languages spoken but once you sit everyone down in an orchestra, the common language that everyone is able to understand is music."

- Matt Head, former student



"I am glad that Eva roomed with international students her age - knowing other cultures and making friends is very important. She felt it safe, organized, structured, positive, inclusive and diverse"

- Rochelle, parent, France