The Ingenium Academy Audition Guide

What you need to include, and how to prepare.


Applying for a place at the Ingenium Academy is an exciting process. We want to meet passionate young musicians who love performing, and who are dedicated to improving their technique and musicianship. Once we’ve seen your application and decided you’re a good fit for one of our programmes, we’d love to help you develop your skills in a creative environment that encourages excellence.

This is not a scary audition! It is your opportunity to show us, to the best of your ability, that you are dedicated to improving your technique and are passionate about making music. Here’s what you need to know about auditioning for Ingenium, and what you’ll need to include in your application.


Image1. Filming your audition video
We want to hear you play! Receiving and watching your audition videos is how we get an idea of the type of musician you are, to see what we can help you focus on, and to make sure that you will have the best possible experience at Ingenium.

When preparing your audition video, the first thing to do is to make sure you have all the materials you need. You can find specific requirements for your chosen programme (such as set extracts for orchestral players) in our ‘Apply’ section. For your pieces, choose music that brings out what you think are your best features as a performer. A piece you play doesn’t have to be fast and flashy if it shows us that you have a beautiful tone, or have been working on your phrasing, for example. Both accompanied and unaccompanied pieces are okay, but if you are playing without a pianist, make sure that you choose something that shows you have a good sense of rhythm.

Once you know what you are going to perform, it’s time to think about how you are going to make your video. If you have a video camera that will be easy, but most of our applicants film their auditions on smartphones, tablets or even using a webcam: we don’t mind! So long as the sound is clear, and the video has a good enough quality that we can see your technique and experience your performance, it’s fine.

Take some time to prepare before you record your video: we need to see your technique, so make sure you place the camera in a position that will capture as much of you as possible! It doesn’t matter if the video is taken in your living room, school hall, a rehearsal room, or even your bedroom, so long as you are comfortable, and feeling confident when you perform. You can send us either one long video, or each item of your audition as separate videos if you prefer, but you are not allowed to edit the pieces you perform in any way.

Once you have your audition video(s) ready, you can then send it/them to us in whichever way is easiest for you. You can upload videos to our online application form, or, for large files that are too big, you can send them to us using Dropbox, WeTransfer or Youtube. You can also send files to: We prefer mp4 files as they are easier to open, but if you need some advice in sending your video to us, just get in touch and we can help you.

Image2. Asking for your Letter of Recommendation
You will need to ask your music teacher or school counsellor to write a short letter to confirm that your video is a true representation of your ability, and that your teacher supports your application to the Ingenium Academy.

Make sure that you give your teacher enough warning to write the letter before you need to send your application. Don’t leave it until the last minute, as music teachers are busy people! If your teacher doesn't speak English, don’t worry: you can send us your letter of recommendation in your own language and we will translate it for you.

Once you have your letter, upload it onto our online application form. Our system accepts word files and PDFs.

Image3. Photo
We need to have a clear, head-and-shoulders picture of you which will be used on your ID badge during your time with us at Ingenium. It must be a recent photo (we suggest you take a new one if you can) so that we can recognise you. You must be the only person in the photo.

Image4. Filling in your Application Form
Once you have all the information you need for your application form, it’s time to enter it online here. Make sure you enter all the contact information very carefully, because it is essential to keeping you and your parents informed of everything you need to know prior to arriving at Ingenium.

This is also your opportunity to tell us all about yourself! We want to know about your experience as a musician, what your interests are, and why you chose to apply to the Ingenium Academy. Use normal text (not block capitals) and provide us with as much information as you can, so that we know more about you before you arrive.

Please also take time to give us the accurate details of your teacher/music school: we might need these to verify your application, and to let your teachers know how much you improved at Ingenium, and what you might want to continue working on in the future.

If you found us online, we would also be interested to know what you searched for to find us! Please try and be as accurate as possible: ie. which website did you find us on, or what did you type into google to find our website?

5. Sending your Deposit

We ask for a £250 deposit to secure your place on the programme if you are accepted. This is subtracted from your fees, so it is not an extra charge. Once you have your video, letter of recommendation and photo, and have filled out our application form, you can select your option for payment of your deposit. You can send us your deposit using PayPal (which accepts credit cards), wire bank transfer, or via cheque. We will only begin to process your application once this deposit has been received.

If you are not successful in your application, the deposit will be refunded to you, minus a £20 administration fee.


Completing your Application

Once you have uploaded your letter of recommendation, photo and video (or sent them to us by email or other means), filled out all the fields of the application form, and selected your deposit payment method, please click ‘SUBMIT’! You will then be given information on how to pay your deposit by your chosen method.


Your audition will be reviewed by our panel, and we will normally let you know the result of your application within two weeks of receiving it.

Places at the Ingenium Academy are awarded on merit, but we also operate on a first-come, first-served basis, so we always recommend that you apply as soon as possible. That way, you have the best chance of securing your place, and you can begin preparations for an amazing three weeks of music making, meeting international, musical friends, and living and learning together for a summer you’ll remember forever.